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30 May 2023

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Dear shareholder

Thanks to your support and trust, Recticel was able to emerge successfully from difficult and perilous circumstances in 2022. Our aim has been and remains to provide you with attractive growth and profitability prospects. As we are transforming into a pure play insulation company we continue fighting climate change, which is the core of our sustainability objectives.

We now invite you to join our Annual General Meeting on 30 May 2023, for which you will find all information in our digital information room. Thank you for registering your participation and for submitting your vote.

We look forward to continue sharing the added value that our business strategy is creating for all of us.

Johnny Thijs, Chairman of the Board of Directors (1)
Olivier Chapelle, Chief Executive Officer (2)

(1) Representing Thijs Johnny BV
(2) Representing Olivier Chapelle SRL

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28/04/2023 - 24/05/2023

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28/04/2023 - 24/05/2023

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Annual General Meeting at 10:00 am CET in Recticel Group Headquarters, Brussels

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Annual General Meeting on 30 May 2023
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